Occhi puntati on Matteo Di Nisio

by jep 1 July 2013

Last friday we went to the Punkreas show playing in their home town, Parabiago, near Milano were they started 24 years ago. Was a pleasure to hear the song Occhi puntati played with their former drummer “Mastino”. Super respect!

Hey, in year 2000 here at bastard we used that song for web clip of one of the greatest italian street skaters ever: Matteo Di Nisio.

Video quality is just so bad… who cares, this is what we saved from old harddisks.

Burn Skate Battle

by davidelp 1 July 2013

The Burn Skate Battle has started, this week with the Vans team.

Three days around Tuscany with Nicola Giordano, Simone Verona, Federico Borchi and mistery guests Marco Giordano and Fabrizio Iron P Venosa, behind the restless lens of Giuliano Bearducci.

Skateon publishes a daily report every night, in which you can see the challenges and the guys that think them up, like Gros.

(Italiano) Extreme Playlist – GroS su Rock ‘N Roll radio

by davidelp 1 July 2013

GroS itw on OnBoard #85

by davidelp 1 July 2013

Recently On Board magazine hosts a section held by Zoran Filicic. He interviews people that somehow left their mark in the history of snowboarding in Italy.
On issue 85 there is room for GroS (a.k.a. the fattest of the bastard founders!), who tells us a little bit of his personal history, from the beginning of snowboarding and skateboarding in Italy up until today.
So it’s a good chat with Zoran from which stem thoughts, criticisms and funny stories.

Dowload the GroS interview on OnBoard (italian language only) if you want to know more about our favourite event speaker.

Hotel GroS

by GroS 1 July 2013

This is the name of the new masterpiece of the director underground Sergio Minnici