Burn Skate Battle Video Premiere at the bastard store

by davidelp 16 October 2010

On Wednesday, October 20th bastard store will host a Video Premiere for the Burn Skate Battle with the Vans, DC and Duffs italian teams. The winners will fly to California.

Seats are limited. For reservations write an email to lifestyle@connexia.com, they will reply for confirmation.

Burn Skate Battle

by davidelp 16 October 2010

The Burn Skate Battle has started, this week with the Vans team.

Three days around Tuscany with Nicola Giordano, Simone Verona, Federico Borchi and mistery guests Marco Giordano and Fabrizio Iron P Venosa, behind the restless lens of Giuliano Bearducci.

Skateon publishes a daily report every night, in which you can see the challenges and the guys that think them up, like Gros.