Let it snow, bastard!

by davidelp 18 November 2013

bastard snowear

Snow is almost upon us, it means it’s time to discover the new bastard snowear.

All the classic bastard snowear garments are now made of the new Twill Mechanical Stretch fabric, stretch comfort fabric with a high level of waterproofness, 20K mm, staying very breathable 20K gr/24h/sqm.

Fuji. The essential design jacket, no bells and whistles yet extremely tech. Available in Ikat and College color variants.

Venom. The venom jacket is “hood friendly” equipped and very warm due to a working well padding. Available in Fingerfade and Rio Red color variants.

Yukon. The classic bastard goose down jacket, now stylish then ever thanks to the new coloration Yukon loden.
Hubert. The street down jacket filled with real goose feather. Available in Black and Loden color variants.

The Jama jacket is the new classic: warm and strong as a snowboard jacket but cozy as a sweatshirt. Available in CollegeIkat and Black color variants.

You know we love details, do you need any example?

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Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by davidelp 18 November 2013

Nicola Giordano's outfit

Nicola Giordano goes hand in hand with the style and he has just selected his new clothes for next winter.

Nico highly appreciated the new Chino pants and the jackets/shirts Steve and Sol, trust him!

Fall has finally come

by davidelp 18 November 2013

bastard Fall Winter 2013-14

The Fall, with the capital F, is finally here.

Take a look to the new bastard FW 2013-14 product line up. Quilted shirts, wool jackets and Teddy Bear fleece lining will certainly be capable of warming up the body and the soul.