Skateboarding Bali

by jep 20 November 2009

Those who believed Bali was just a surf location have to finally change mind, as two concrete bowls were recently built (a third one is in the make) and there’s also a secret indoor miniramp with pool coping… i’ve found out through rokma who really liked it there, and decided to stay for a while.

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Zeitgeist – The Movie

by jep 20 November 2009

Zeitgeist - The Movie

I don’t get in touch often with rokma but when it happens he always has something interesting to share. Today he sent me the link to this documentary film that I didn’t know anything about, streamable and downloadable from the web:

Talks about Power and observe the world from a critical perspective… kicks asses but is a bit unclear about some of the sources.

If (obviously) we don’t have to take for truth what is shown on a television that maybe we do not even watch anymore… what about YouTube or Google Video? Is it a different kind?.