Beer to the People!

by jep 2 May 2013


Our polyedric friend Fritz Conti of Glu Glu Club, beside having put together a great beer with BSA, is the designer of the Clash shirt for bastard. If you meet him around ask for his card with ORAZIONE a Sant’Andrea!

Launch Party #29

by davidelp 2 May 2013

On wednesday, January 26th at the COMVERT headquarters we celebrated the launch for the Fall Winter 2011-12 bastard, Electric and JART collections with the Launch Party #29 – and yeah, we’re already at our twentyninth collection!

Fresco distribution contributed with a supply of the new excellent BSA beer and with a selection of products from MatixLakaiDVSMakia and Brixton. The Iraola brothers, owners of JART, replied bringing in the mix a couple of good skaters to warm the bowl session and a Jamón ibérico that they personally sliced up for the attendees.

We have tried to behave but it was hard…

The bastard store upstairs showroom will stay open for orders by appointment starting this week through March 10th.