Adriatic Bowl docu x Share Skateboarding 5 Years

by jep 4 September 2018

Adriatic Bowl documentary

Friday, September 14 will be dedicated to that jewel named Adriatic Bowl and to the concrete, for Share Skateboarding 5 Years with a dedicated exhibition, a skate session, the screening of the documentary on the bowl construction and a workshop completely devoted to the process of building with concrete, presented by local masters Alessandro Vitali (Società Adriatica di Vitali e Petrucci S.r.l. / Adriatic Bowl) and Ale Redaelli (La Boheme skatepark / Share Skateboarding) with some guests. Read the rest of this entry »

Confusion Magazine in Italy

by jep 4 September 2018

Some remember the Concussion magazine run by Jonathan Hay. Occasionally you would get it at some skateparks around the world and you couldn’t not appreciate the contents and the flavor, really similar to the first Thrasher issues.

Since a while Jonathan gave life to Confusion, that here in Italy  is  was almost impossible to find… now every new issue is available in Italy at the bastard store for 4 euro. It’s worth all of them. Read the rest of this entry »

Daniele Galli, the Potenza cover

by davidelp 4 September 2018

A few months ago Lorebini published a post named “Concrete Power” regarding a concrete bridge in the city of Potenza.

As soon as Daniele Galli has read the post, he drove to the south of Italy to skate this unusual spot and he rightly got the cover on 6:00AM 62 with this fs slasher photographed by Fede Romanello.

Concrete power

by lorebini 4 September 2018

A few weeks ago I drove through Potenza to specifically see this bridge. Designed by Sergio Musmeci, it was built in 1969 over the Basento river to link the motorway with the historical town centre. The structure has no pillars, merely supported by a continuous 30cm thick surface, twisted in order to form gigantic arches that make a walkable path, thus becoming an engineering and an art masterpiece at the same time. Although the concrete is not  super smooth, I was wondering if any skater has ever tried these transitions.

Just in case, I took some pictures.

Launch Party #30

by davidelp 4 September 2018

The Launch Party #30 took place on Wednesday July 20th with the preview presentation of the bastardElectric and JART Spring Summer 2012 collections.

As usual Fresco distribution topped it off with their selection of  Lakai and Makia products.

Now a well deserved vacation is awaiting us, except for the sales reps who will be on pre sales campaign until late September.

From now on the upstairs showroom space at the bastard store will be open almost everyday for pre-sales on appointment until Sept. 20th.

Concrete carving professionals

by lorebini 4 September 2018

Japanese Architects from SANAA are not that interested in having a website. They are just too busy building stuff… And you can’t really blame them. In few days their Rolex Learning Center will open in Lausanne, a beautiful example of how to curve and manipulate reinforced concrete. To find out more just visit ArchDaily.