Concrete power

by lorebini 4 September 2011

A few weeks ago I drove through Potenza to specifically see this bridge. Designed by Sergio Musmeci, it was built in 1969 over the Basento river to link the motorway with the historical town centre. The structure has no pillars, merely supported by a continuous 30cm thick surface, twisted in order to form gigantic arches that make a walkable path, thus becoming an engineering and an art masterpiece at the same time. Although the concrete is not  super smooth, I was wondering if any skater has ever tried these transitions.

Just in case, I took some pictures.

  1. danieleg Says:


  2. jep Says:

    @danieleg: ci starebbe bene nella prossima videopart

  3. lorebini Says:

    mi raccomando: ruote un po’ grossine e sistema per recuperare le tavole che cadono giù dal ponte…

  4. lerri Says:


  5. lorebini Says:

    …a distanza di qualche anno mi sembra di poter affermare che si, il Ponte Musmeci può essere skateato!

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