Marcin Memorial Day

by giuli 17 May 2014

I took these two pictures during the construction of the bastard bowl back in 2008.
The boss gives directions, then turns his back and it’s instantly showtime :)

When I think Marcin sometimes I just crank up, other times I catch myself getting a little nostalgic knowing that the other half of the laughter is gone with him.
Sunday, May 18th at Cinetown Skatepark in Cinecittà, Rome, Marcin’s friends gather to spend a nice day together and bring back a bit of those laughs that the Flying Polish used to bring to any session!
Rest in peace Marcin and thanks for the journey.


Marcin Day 2013

by davidelp 17 May 2014


On May 14th 2010 we lost a strong skater but above all a beloved and sincere friend .

Marcin’s friends organize yearly the “Marcin Day”, an occasion for rembembering Marcin Solecki in his favorite way: skate, music, bbq and writing!

Follow the facebook event page link for all the info.

Marcin day 2013

Marcin Day 2012

by davidelp 17 May 2014

The Marcin Day 2012 will take place on sunday, May 20th at the Cineskatepark in Rome. Skate, music and friends, the best way to remember our friend Marcin Solecki, who left us too soon.

The More the Merrier.

Cineskatepark, via Pasquale Stabilini 1, Rome.
May 20th from 11,30 AM

Check the Marcin Day 2012 official facebook page for further information.

Marcin Memorial Day 2011

by giuli 17 May 2014

The second Marcin Memorial Day will take place on sunday, May 8th at the Cinecittà Skatepark in via Pasquale Stabilini 1, Rome.

The day is an occasion for rembembering our friend Marcin Solecki, who left us prematurely on May 14th 2010, in the best way we know: skating and spending a good day out altogether.

Goodbye Marcin!

Marcin Solecki Memorial Day

by giuli 17 May 2014

Last Saturday, May 29th, a Memorial skatejam was held at the Cinecittà Skatepark in Rome to say goodbye to our friend Marcin Solecki, prematurely departed on May 14th, 2010.

The event wants to be annual, and i really hope it does make it every year, and that the participation will be massive and fervent as it was for this first edition.

It’s been a good day, a success, an occasion to meet old friends and find out new ones, cheering each other up. Skateboarding has always had a social cohesive factor in the lives of many of us, and so it was for Marcin. I was moved to see people i wasn’t even expecting to be there, and i was moved by the awesome murale that the Black Hand, his crew, dedicated to him at the skatepark entrance. Marcin was a true friend and an inspiration to me, and i think he was to many of the people that were there Saturday.

A big thank you to everybody that attended the jam.

Marcin Memorial Day

by davidelp 17 May 2014

Cinetown Skatepark, via Stabilini, Roma
Saturday, 29th May from 3 pm
Entrance ticket 5€