Marco Lambertucci’s summer clothes

by davidelp 4 June 2013

Marco Lambertucci summer clothes clothes

After Nikolai Danov, today it’s Marco Lambertucci‘s turn to show us his selecta from the bastard Spring Summer 2013 collection.

Marco Lambertucci se la sviaggiava in nollie in buona compagnia. Amarcord photo by Zona13

Marcin Day 2013

by davidelp 4 June 2013


On May 14th 2010 we lost a strong skater but above all a beloved and sincere friend .

Marcin’s friends organize yearly the “Marcin Day”, an occasion for rembembering Marcin Solecki in his favorite way: skate, music, bbq and writing!

Follow the facebook event page link for all the info.

Marcin day 2013

Nikolai Danov’s spring clothes

by davidelp 4 June 2013


Nikolai Danov endorses the new bastard spring summer 2013 clothes.
He may change his haircut, he may change his clothes but he can’t change his classic aggressive style as ever.

Daje Niko™.



by davidelp 4 June 2013

spizzate sto video… (roman slang for spread this video)

Nikolai Danov

… And we do it.

Romantic is a video project by Michael Quigley, filmed in the winter of 2004 between Rome, Milan and Barcelona. It features the haydays of Roman skateboarders in the mid 2000s, among which Nikolai Danov and Marcin Solecki. This edit, although incomplete, is dedicated to his memory. Thanks Mike and keep up the good job.

Chomp on Bauli!

by davidelp 4 June 2013

Bauli, Luca Crestani, Mike Pireddu, Guido Bendotti.

Marco “Bauli” Lambertucci, Luca Crestani, Guido Bendotti and Mike Pireddu, just came by to say what’s up.
If you are NOW in Milan push you skateboard to Central station where these guys will party and skate on the occasion of Nike Chomp Ollie Tour!

Knodel Ten Tricks

by davidelp 4 June 2013

Daniele Galli is back in Italy after a long vacation on the american streets. In this clip its first tricks at the knodel bowl since he come back in Italy.

Nikolai Danov’s winter clothes

by vecho 4 June 2013

Today Nikolai Danov shows us his wish list from the bastard Fall Winter 2012-13 collection.

And now, enjoy the short clip of pure skateboarding that Nikolai filmed for MC wheels.

Nicola Giordano – some heads are bigger than others

by vecho 4 June 2013

Nicola Giordano in BS sunset ollie during a session at the Creedence Skatepark in Brescia, when winter had not yet begun…

“Everybody is in” – full video online

by davidelp 4 June 2013

Randomvideo has finally published online “Everybody is in”, its annual snowboard movie.

The movie is dedicated to the memory of Amedeo Viviani (RIP) and features the italian leading snowboarders like Amedeo Viviani, Filippo Kratter, Nicolò Pezzato, Simon Gruber, Lorenzo Barbieri, Tato Chiala, Matteo Zappaterra, Lorenzo Buzzoni, and our friend/designer/snowboarder Lukas Goller. Enjoy!

Deep in snow…

by vecho 4 June 2013

Only if you’ve been deep in the snow up to the neck you can really understand the necessary features for good outerwear. That’s the reason why who designs the bastard outerwear line has to be a snowboarder first, like our friend/designer/snowboarder Lukas Goller. We believe that one can design a good product only if he’s able to test it himself. And we’ve been thinking so since nineteenninetyfour#.

Snow has come, get yourself in the snow up to the neck too with the jackets and pants from the new bastard snowear collection that will keep you dry and warm.