Skateistan – drop by drop a river is formed

by jep 26 September 2012

When you think about Afghanistan it is almost inevitable to avoid thinking about war and religious fanatism. But once you know about Oliver Percovich’s work your thought can start to change. Oliver is an australian skateboarder that has been able to see more than a piece of urban furniture in the Mekroyan Fountain (Kabul). He saw even more than some transitions ready to be ridden. He had a vision about how to use skateboarding as a tool to transform the way of life in a city destroyed by years of war and extreme religious beliefs and he founded Skateistan in 2007; a social project all about education, art, social integration and skateboarding.

Nowadays Skateistan is a reality with a pretty interesting future. Its history, current and future projects are all in Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan. An amazing bunch of really interesting material, interviews, reportages and a lot of nice pictures.