Launch Party #31

by jep 13 January 2012

On Wednesday January 11th we had a big party in our headquarters to present the new bastardElectricJartDVSLakai,  Matix and Makia Fall Winter 2012-13 collections and a brand new DealerZine, that represents a big step forward compared to the previous ones! During the party we also inaugurated the new binocle working space… unfortunately we couldn’t document the opening due to a generalized state of dumbness, partially related to an overall abuse of a freaking awesome unfiltered wine ;)
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Contest Spazio 33

by jep 13 January 2012

Friend and architect Lorenzo Bini has a new firm called binocle and we’re looking forward to collaborate on a few very interesting projects…

The firm binocle is launching today an open contest for illustrating the mega chalk board that will camp in his latest project: Spazio 33, wine-bar cafeteria located inside a beautiful park in Oleggio (NO). If you are a writer, illustrator, cartoonist or you simply think you could do a good job send your illustrations as the project seriously deserves it!

P.S. Do they really want to create an innovative skateable path inside the park too?

Concrete power

by lorebini 13 January 2012

A few weeks ago I drove through Potenza to specifically see this bridge. Designed by Sergio Musmeci, it was built in 1969 over the Basento river to link the motorway with the historical town centre. The structure has no pillars, merely supported by a continuous 30cm thick surface, twisted in order to form gigantic arches that make a walkable path, thus becoming an engineering and an art masterpiece at the same time. Although the concrete is not  super smooth, I was wondering if any skater has ever tried these transitions.

Just in case, I took some pictures.

Total Office Design

by lorebini 13 January 2012

Thames & Hudson has just published Total Office Design – 50 Contemporary Workplaces, a 320 pages book edited by Kerstin Zumstein and Helen Parton featuring fifty office projects from around the world.

To the bastard store by studiometrico  the editors dedicated four pages with pictures by Giuliano Berarducci.



The book is now available at the bastard store – as usual – and costs € 30,00.

Ledge at Lambro

by giuli 13 January 2012

A hard working crew gathered on Saturday night in order to build a concrete fixed ledge at the Lambro Skatepark.

Cohesive teamwork gave the desired result in a short time, although i didn’t do much with the excuse of documenting the whole op.

Thanks to everybody present on Saturday now even an invetered, and moroned, streeter like me will have his piece of heaven at the Lambro park.
And, who knows, in between a tailslide and a k grind i might finally drop into those, for me, long dreaded transitions…

Thanks and thanks again, here is my contribution with this little photo report.

The Hand of the Graphic Designer

by davidelp 13 January 2012

The Hand of the Graphic Designer opened on Friday, April 8th 2011, an exhibition organized by FAI – Fondo Ambiente Italiano and alterstudio partners. On display there are a total of 367 signed drawings and sketches, generously donated to FAI, realized by 108 leading italian and international graphic designers.

There are also some of bastard’s friends, like Olimpia Zagnoli and Leftloft, among other graphic designers, in a breath taking location, Villa Necchi Campiglio.

More info on


Appartamento Lago

by davidelp 13 January 2012

Who wouldn’t want an awesome, fully furnished, apartment downtown?

Lago gives birth, in different cities in Italy, to homes furnished with their products. These apartments, that are inhabited and lived daily by regular people denominated “tenants”, as well as private homes, are used as showrooms in special occasions.

The Lago apartment in Milano, with the occasion of design week, asked us for a little bastard style

Welcome back spring

by giuli 13 January 2012

Edo Paris, experienced scrutator of the milan suburban areas, calls me telling me he has found a juicy spot for a photo in his upcoming 6:00AM interview, on which we are currently working.

We meet up with the Giordano Bros, and the first real day of spring assists us flawlessly. Everyone goes home with the job done.

While Edo, as a 007, raises curiosity around the new spot on his facebook page, i’m feeling WikiLeaks enough today to expose this fat kickflip signed by Nicola Giordano.

Enjoy springtime everybody!


by lorebini 13 January 2012

Dutch friends at West 8 (10 years ago I used to move pixels and eat blue foam at their office…;) have been busy for years with the project for the Waterfront of Toronto. ArchDaily just posted about the project and published some images here. Sk8able?

bastard store on the book italiArchitettura 4

by jep 13 January 2012

The book italiArchitettura (UTET edizioni) is part of a serie dedicated to italian architecture studios. This fourth volume deals with interiors and consists of more than threehundred pages, fourteen dedicated to the bastard store project of studiometrico.

Until now I think this is the best documentation ever published, with technical drawings and high quality details of the construction of the bastard bowl.

[…] questa quarta uscita di italiArchitettura è dedicata agli interni, che rappresentano un capitolo consistente, forse uno dei più importanti, della produzione architettonica nazionale. In un Paese dove si costruisce poco e si ristruttura molto è infatti inevitabile che parte delle migliori energie progettuali si riversino nel recupero di spazi già realizzati.

– Luigi Prestinenza Puglisi

You can buy the book online.
Watch out english readers as the book is written in italian only!