Attraper au vol – A photography exhibition by French Fred

by jep 22 March 2017


In collab with Frisco and generously supported by Element, we are glad to present Attraper au vol (Fred Mortagne’s photo exhibition and book) italian premiere at bastard store.

Fred Mortagne, better known as French Fred, is a very unique phenomenon in the world of skateboarding photography.  With his b&w only photos he changed the rules: his objective is not strictly focused on the skateboarding itself, but also on its relationship with architecture, urban landscapes and environments. Read the rest of this entry »

Another Friend in the Frisco Family

by jep 22 March 2017

With a short videopart filmed in the skatepark that he fixed during the last months nearby his home in Valtellina, Daniele Galli is welcome in the Frisco Shop family. Check out the store if in Brescia anytime, it’s great!

New Frisco Shop

by giuli 22 March 2017

Daniele Galli and I just visited the new Frisco Shop in Brescia and i was amazed by the result of the good work the Tognoli Bros carried out throughout the years.

I say it deserves a visit, even only to space out reading the many skate magazine articles used as wallpaper in the micro ramp room or to browse through the many products that delight the shop.
My compliments to Fede and Gianlu.