Un tranquillo week end da paura – skate contest

by GroS 21 September 2009


This weekend really was scarily fun!

Starting with forecast: all the rumors about rain throughout the whole weekend proved wrong; it was sunny and nice… my god rides a skateboard.

The Concerts: the Punkreas played on friday night. Awesome concert, 3000 people singing under a mild gentle rain… The Punkreas after twenty years of activity still look like kids. Always a great vibe.

Saturday we saw the Ministri, i hadn’t seen’em live yet… This band rocks!

Skate: on Saturday the non sponsored contest where Fabio Ciurli, Lambro local, won. After the contest only Daniel Cardone was representing Quicksilver, since the demo didn’t happen. Supported by Andrea “Stanco” Sudati, Amen and Jimmy they did a great demo anyways.

On Sunday we were blessed by un unbelievable sunny day, and by one of the best contests i’ve recently been to.

Great skaters, great crowd, Daniel won the contest and the miniramp italian finals, and also the “Chicken for Rock’nRoll” contest. Which consisted in hitting the rubber chicken hung up over the extension.

Then was time to hit the fridge, the Gipsy with a bs 5-0, Pietro della Pierre fs nosepick, Jimmy Cantù feeble fakie, Sione Verona hurricane and then Martino Cattaneo shut it down with a fs disaster for a fat check.

Awesome, that’s i guess what we all needed, a weekend with friends, skate and beer, celebrating Daniel Cardone’s and Max Bonassi’s birthdays.

Bravo to the organizers, on of the best events of the year for sure!

Punkreas live @ Usmate 2009

punkreas live @ Usmate 2009

Daniel Cardone Chicken for Rock'n Roll



  1. jep Says:

    Bellissimo evento davvero, alla vecchia maniera. Complimenti sinceri a Bomboclat Crew e Max. Si sono visti tricks in mini di alto livello (dovrebbero uscire in giro foto e video perchè c’era gente a filmare)… speaker GroS in pompa come non mai… Martino Cattaneo my hero of the day! Bisogna allargarla sta rampa perchè non ci si sta più dentro…

  2. andreav Says:

    Proprio bello davvero, tutto quanto!
    Peccato che il Bonassi non abbia partecipato al Chicken for Rock ‘n’ Roll. Con il suo layback air avrebbe toccato il pollo e fregato tutti :)
    Ma forse è meglio cosi, Daniel ci ha fatto fremere tutto il pomeriggio e quando l’ha toccato è stata un’esplosione. Grande!

  3. jep Says:

    Qui report del contest a cura di FatCri [Lambro Skatepark]

  4. Cristiano Says:

    Davvero tutto pazzesco… Il Best MILF lo vince assolutamente Pocahontas!

    Grazie Jep xil link!

  5. jep Says:

    Contest ranking:
    1 Daniel Cardone
    2 Igor Fardin
    3 Daniele Galli
    4 Martino Cattaneo
    5 Carlo Cassan
    6 Andre Cantù

  6. fabione Says:

    Grande Daniel chicken for Rock’n’Roll!!
    Finalmente quest’anno sono riuscito a venire!!!
    Grande evento, grande skate, grande birra!!!

    Ci vediamo al Parco Lambro!!


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