Fumaz Extreme Snowboard

by davidelp 20 March 2012

LET IT ROCK, we cannot write anything else on the Matteo Fumaz Fumagalli snowboard.
Matteo chose a 156 bastard Twin Tip with a custom hard rock artwork made by Alessio Yex Frascati and Luca Duke Oldani.

Fumaz is the first “guinea pig” for the MySnowboard projectwould you like to be the next? Write to: mysnowboard@bastard.it

  1. fumaz Says:

    Onoratissimo !!! Rocknroll !!! ;-)

  2. jep Says:

    bella Fumaz! Tamarrazza sul sotto e panina sul sopra come ci piace a noi… o forse è il contrario?! In ogni caso spezza.

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