Along came Tony Hawk.

by davidelp 28 May 2013

Tony Hawk, handplant tuck knee. Photo © Giuliano Berarducci

We like surprises… And the one we received on Friday afternoon was particularly appreciated.

“Hello? I’m Tony Hawk, we are one hour by car far from Milan… Is it possible to skate the bastard bowl today?”

More or less this is how it happened, so Tony Hawk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Corbin Harris and the Ride Channel crew came to the bastard store. These folks were actually driving across Europe for non skate purposes. They were in fact participating to the Gumball3000, a non-competitive 5000km rally through the most important European cities, driving a super pimped 520cv Land Rover. During the transfer from Vienna to Monte Carlo they were looking for a shelter from the bad weather and they have found the bastard bowl to welcome them.

“Jaws” has proven to be a real prodigy and Tony is a living legend. Unforgettable session.

Thanks Tony, come back anytime you want!

Tony skateboard was a great present!

  1. jep Says:

    Some videos will show up soon on RIDE Channel on YT. Stay connected! Bella Giuliano!!

  2. davidelp Says:

    Quando la session rende Giuliano Berarducci risponde!

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