GloBALIzation, simple as that

by Dani 15 July 2017


Made in Italy is often used as a synonym for quality… but can quality be locked up by countries and borders? So what does Proudly Made by Those Lazy Italians mean?

Quality (ethics, culture, aesthetics, practice), this word emptied of every sincere semantic value in the era of scientific method, is the subject of this brief tale. The subject is called Bali collection … or rather Bali connection. Two inputs, one sentence/one scenario: “I would never sell anything I wouldn’t wear” / Bali: The most beloved Indonesian island by surfers around the world.

The bond between the Lazy Italians and the small Balinese producers who make the product undermines any relationship of contemporary neocolonial “subjection”. Thedy is a friend, designer and producer who manufactures high quality garments, with his small family business, according to traditional Indonesian techniques (batik for example). What does it mean? It means that when you choose the bastard brand you buy horizontal collaboration between designer and producer, in a tune that blends local Balinese culture with the creative mindset of a team that pushes counterculture since 1994. It means that what you have in your hands is a product developed in a pure collaborative way, a “revolutionary” way of running the global economy: what you have in your hands is complicity between different cultures that speak the same language, is the rendezvous of countless of ideas fused into that forge of culture which is the bastard store… a place crossed by hundreds of creative, practical, technical people, who deposit scraps of culture by simply walking through the office. This culture is captured and synthesized with wisdom by old loose dogs.

What you have in your hands is a fragment of Milanese history at risk of extinction: the concrete story of a middle finger raised against the fashion market. Here “we do not sell ourselves out” and above all “we do not sell you fairy tales”, just reality, just what we are.

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