Luca Doneddu cover on abg n.8

by jep 10 August 2011

Sardinia keeps on producing great skaters so it makes no surprise Luca on the cover of a brief glance issue n.8, online since a few hours, with this nollie heelflip shot by Davide Biondani.

Marco Lambertucci has five pages screens with the Nike SB Texture Tour.

Marco Lambertucci on ABG 07 cover

by giuli 10 August 2011

Marco Lambertucci, a.k.a. Bauli, opens up the last issue of ABG with this cover-worthy bluntslide. Inside the mag other flicks of Bauli, who, from what i see started the summer just on the right foot!

a brief glance 6

by davidelp 10 August 2011

“Do you know how big it is??”

Who knows Bauli has heard these words coming out from his mouth many times when he comes back from a huge spot as the one shown in the sequence above.
You’ll find the complete report in 6 issue of A Brief Glance, freshly published. As usual, lots of good pictures fill the pages of the online magazine that celebrates its first birthday.

Many more birthdays ABG!

Daniele Galli on ABG

by giuli 10 August 2011

A nice interview with Daniele Galli just came out on the abriefglance front blog. Daniele tells us how he’s recovering from last winter’s injury, about his job at  the Trinity Skatepark and unveals some plans for the future, all of this enriched by some nice flicks by Davide Biondani and topped off with this Danny and friends video part, that summarizes some of his 2010 skateboarding.

Danny, who’s a real superhero, has already been skating for a couple of months despite his surgery in November, and i’m pretty sure that summer 2011 will see him shred many sessions.

Daniele Galli on abg n.5 cover

by davidelp 10 August 2011

Daniele Galli is on the cover of issue no.5 of a brief glance with a bs smith grind on the Knodel bowl cradle. The good flick of Davide Biondani gives justice to the trick and motivates Danny in these very last few days of physical therapy, while he’s on his way to full recovery from his last injury.

Marco Lambertucci in new Blind ad

by jep 10 August 2011

On the new issue of the online skateboard mag a brief glance – made by italian photographer Davide Biondani – is published this double page spread of a Blind ad with Marco Lambertucci deeply nose grinding.