Too old to skate everyday?

by giuli 16 October 2009


Max BonassiAlex ColombiJep

Andrea Paulicelli

Last night i witnessed an exeptional reunion of the old school scene: Billy Runaway came for a visit, he was a pro skater for Madrid in the 80s and a potojournalist for Thrasher in those years. The welcome team was so composed: Max Bonassi, Alex Colombi, Claudio “Jep” Bernardini and Andrea Paulicelli. These old folks hadn’t seen each other in 21 years, surprise! Alex had first met Billy in Milan back in ’85, and soon introduced him to Bonassi who was craving for a consulence for building a vert ramp in Monza.

To celebrate, we sat at the fish restaurant right next door and popped some corks… After a 3 hours food fest we went up to the bastard bowl, but we suffered from the digestion along with the wine effects and a few more years on our shoulders… Too old to skate? Maybe not, infact Jep and Bonassi did represent with their skating as much as they could, but maybe i’m “too old to take action photos everyday”, eheh! So i decided to only post their mugshots, and since i started skating in the 80s, those are the faces that inspired me to join the four wheels and a board world… All the best to Billy and his young company skate company, and I thank him for a little industry talk, that done with the right people is never boring! See you next time, hoping it doesn’t take another 21 years!