Jart pros at The DC Embassy

by jep 27 February 2012

Here’s a fresh and gnarly skateboarding video at the DC embassy in Barcelona featuring the JART pro team: Ivan Rivado, Mark Frölich and Bastien Salabanzi.

Italians at the DC Embassy

by giuli 27 February 2012

As anticipated, here’s the freshly published video report of the visit Daniele Galli & co. paid to the DC Embassy of Barcellona. Enjoy!

Daniele Galli at the DC Embassy

by giuli 27 February 2012

Daniele Galli is one of the first lucky italians to be invited at the Barcelona DC Embassy, recently opened DC’s indoor private skatepark, and since it’s pouring rain in Barcelona these days, he’s been skating it non-stop. The official video and photos from the visit of the italian delegation will be published on the DC Embassy website. The photos will also be published in a feature article on the next issue of 6:00AM magazine.