SUBJECT SCHLERN 8 – 360 degrees Tobias Scherlin

by davidelp 15 February 2010

If someone asked me to describe Tobias Scherlin, I’d probably say that he’s a party animal capable of coming back from the deads after the craziest party for jumping right on the big structres of the Kinglaurin snowpark.

Anyone who attended the last Subject Schlern edition cannot deny that I am speaking the truth.

He did every run on the Saturday contest, and he showed up at the night party in snowear, complete of snowboard boots, and totally drunk. Sunday morning after just a few hours of sleep he was ready to jump in the snowpark and won the 360 contest with a perfect FS 360 Doublegrab.

A hard weekend, a severe trial for everyone, riders and insiders with two days of contests, parties and local beverages.

Special thanks go to the Panettone Bros guys and Alex Berger for the hospitality.