No Visa? More party!

by jep 10 January 2011

Andrea Vecchi got trapped in Chengdu – big city in the southwest part of China – during his last trip for the new bastard samples check, as his VISA ran out of validity. Government authorities attached two cops to him with the order to follow him everywhere.

If you are travelling China and need a safe guide for the country…

Here below is direct tale and more pictures:

While I was in transit for Shanghai, they realized my VISA ran out of validity on december the 30th 2010. So they stopped me at the airport while I was struggling to solve the problem. Chinese people feel very sorry in these kind of situations so they helped me out a lot, let me call from their cells, offered me tea and always spoke on my behalf.

As it was Sunday there was nothing to do and so I asked to spend the night in a nearby hotel. At that point these two young and shy cops arrived.They did not speak english and were triyng to act serious even if often they couldn’t help laughing about the situation… they were always on my side and were taking turns to sleep – after breakfast they both passed out though – and they wouldn’t even let me look at my passport. Such an experience! I think i may even have developed Stockholm syndrome!

  1. GroS Says:

    Andrew Olds is not a crime!

  2. lorebini Says:

    a me è successa la stessa cosa in Brasile ma le ufficiali erano donne ed avevano delle uniformi diverse…

  3. andreav Says:

    ahahahah il solito fortunello! ;)

  4. arrigo Says:

    Usti… come in “The Terminal” :D

  5. fede Says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA ,la foto degli spazzolini è fighissima.

  6. ivan Says:

    Vai Andre… poi mi dici a me di fare il “serio”. Meno male che sei nel paese giusto se fossi in quello dove sono io col Visto scaduto mi sà che ne sorrisi, ne foto, ne scolta simpatica.

  7. giuli Says:

    Hai vinto!! Questo è il miglior post della storia del blog!!!! Geniale!
    La foto di te che li abbracci sul letto anche è senza prezzo!!

  8. lorebini Says:

    e pensa che casino se fosse capitato a te giuli… con le tue abitudini legate al sonno li avresti fatti veramente impazzire!

  9. Fabio Says:

    ahahahha che stile

  10. jep Says:

    tootbrush cohabit for picture of the year!

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