Good luck, here comes Neko

by jep 30 April 2014

bastard Neko t-shirt by Motoki Yoshio

Our friend and co-worker Motoki Yoshio, beside working as designer and teaching since many years, knows how to draw with a ballpoint pen. For bastard he digged deeper at the roots of lucky and dissected one of the most iconic objects of japanese culture: maneki-neko.

You can still find his super limited Neko t-shirt in some shops and of course in our own bastard store. Good luck!


by jep 30 April 2014

Guardando le statistiche di Google Analytics (ma perchè Google fa tutte queste cosette che non puoi fare a meno di installarle?!) ho notato un link in ingresso dal Giappone che crea un po’ di accessi.

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