Presidents’ Hair Cut

by jep 10 July 2015

Presidents' Hair Cut by Paolo Proserpio [photo: Andrea Rossetti]

According to Paolo Proserpio “American Presidents have a beautiful haircut”, enough to win the main wall of the bastard bowl with the Wall Paint Contest 2015.

Starting May 7, a two months delirium made of acrylics, wood, cockroaches, pigeons, Big Babols, spray cans, nails and screws, reveals details and pieces of the pop culture. Jackie, the most stylish wife of all (John Fitzgerald Kennedy R.I.P. 1963) is effigy of the brand of the Presidents’ hair lacquer: Hair Cut.

A pattern on the label mix sacred and profane: Lee Harvey Oswald (killer of Kennedy) with Jack Ruby (killer of the killer of the 35th president), whose eponymous band is also the soundtrack of these two months of work.

The 60 Jaquelines Lee Bouvier watch with their third eye on the 5 presidents of the 5 American notes: 1, 5, 10, 20 and 100 sprouting from the bowl (such as the Rocky Mountains) in size 8.10 x 1.90 meters with an optical pattern.

Presidents' Hair Cut by Paolo Proserpio [photo: Andrea Rossetti]

Presidents' Hair Cut by Paolo Proserpio [photo: Andrea Rossetti]

Presidents' Hair Cut by Paolo Proserpio [photo: Andrea Rossetti]

Presidents' Hair Cut by Paolo Proserpio [photo: Andrea Rossetti]

Presidents’ Hair Cut was installed on July 4, 2015: Independence Day.

All photos by Andrea Rossetti.

Wall Paint Contest 2015 winner

by jep 10 July 2015

Today the jury made their final decision on WPC entries, and we have the winner…

bastard Wall Paint Contest winner 2015 - Paolo Proserpio

Paolo Proserpio, with his work named Presidents’ Hair Cut Rocks that you see in the picture above. Paolo (Proserpio as we call him here) isn’t a new name for us, as he frequently collaborates with bastard on different levels and on different graphical projects. We always have a subject in common: the print. He also teaches Printing Techniques and Brand Identity at the IED school in Milano.

Proserpio will use collage, acrylics and even some spray paint (hair lacquer?!) for his work on the main wall, in the coming days. If you want to know more about this dude follow him on instagram @paoloproserpio Read the rest of this entry »

The Wall Paint Contest 2015 begins

by jep 10 July 2015


Today the bastard Wall Paint Contest to paint the bowl wall begins and you can start sending your artwork to the judges. This year the works received within 9th April 18th April 2015 will be printed and exhibited at the bastard store during the week of Salone del Mobile (a.k.a. Milan Design Week – yes we will open all of our spaces for the occasion and we will host daily skate sessions in the bowl too, every afternoon until dusk!)

Time is short but as we all know, this is only another kick to creativity. Read the rest of this entry »

And the Wall Paint Contest winner is…

by davidelp 10 July 2015

It was an hard work but the WPC entries process of selection just ended. We’ve got a winner! And the winner is…

Riccardo Di Stefano with the work named K.S.W. (Korean Secret Weapon). Riccardo will paint his work in the next weeks, we’ll keep you posted on the work progress.


Thank you everyone for your participation in the first edition of the Wall Paint Contest. See you next time. Here below all the entries selected for the final stage of the contest.

For the record, triumph for n.32 K.S.W., n. 20 “High Zebra” and n.18 “Bastard Fish” tie the second place, and the n.25, the bastard squid, reaches the third place.

WPC 2013 submits

Wall Paint Contest at bastard bowl

by jep 10 July 2015


The #bastardbowl wall has just been painted white and the bastard store is looking for a talented artist who wants to mark the wall with his artwork. Here all the info [italian language only sorry].