bastard store – building of the year 2009 nomination

by davidelp 11 February 2010

During 2009 ArchDaily turned into the most visited architecture website and this doesn’t surprise us at all, having seen the amount of contacts that their post published in May brought to the bastard store. ArchDaily chose to celebrate its successes of the last year with the Building Of  The Year 2009 award, voted from the readers.

Now the bastard store has made it into the finals by entering the Top 5 of the interiors section… and it’s huge considering the large number of projects in nomination, but we still need the final touch by all supporters provided with Facebook or Twitter.

You can vote for the bastard store by following this link:

  1. lorebini Says:

    Give us your vote! And don’t forget: you can vote on a daily basis!

  2. jep Says:

    skateboarders domination

  3. joppa Says:

    Sto concorso mi gasa talmente tanto che ne ho fatto una piccola recensione:

  4. jep Says:

    joppa la tua rece spezza!

  5. lorebini Says:

    fantastica, veramente. ma… a sto punto, se vinciamo… me tocca droppà!

  6. giuli Says:

    me sa che me tocca pure a me;)

  7. ivanskating Says:

    Vai vai vai!!!!!!!!

  8. jep Says:

    Aussie Archi-Ninja website published today an itw with studiometrico’s lorebini here:

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