Labour day session

by giuli 3 May 2011

Still curled up in my bed sheets i get up to the hubble-bubbling of the classic labour day demonstration marching beneath my window, followed by another group in which i glimpse a palestinian flag, but the language spoken over the speakers doesn’t help me and my neighbour in understanding what it is exactly about…

After snapping a picture of the demonstration, i jet to the Lambro where we gather for heading to the Polaresco bowl in Bergamo.
So we sail with Amen and the Giordano bros; we meet there with Galli, Cattaneo and Formenti, along with a few locals and Bergum.

We then go to the Creedence Skatepark in Castrezzato, near Brescia, where we see a big party going on, picnic tables and good food, kids playing in the open fields, flea market, and the sweet transitions built by Seba Rossi, Kendall & co.

The park is genuinely fun, and the guys are already working to expand; a really good vibe with a great party for labour day, topped off with the night concert, which unfortunately we could not attend.

Thanks Creedence boys, see you next time!

  1. davidelp Says:

    Da paura la prima foto

  2. jep Says:

    Switch over-scamosciato… serissimo. Anche la foto di Amen è una delle più belle sue che ho visto.

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