Cliché Résumé al bastard store – Video Report

by davidelp 29 April 2010

During the Résumé photo exhibit opening party, the Cliché team spent a good fun afternoon sessioning the bastard bowl.

Supposedly a Cliché demo, it soon turned into a friendly jam session with Daniel Cardone, Charles Collet, Giò Grazzani, Ricardo Fonseca, Ivan Federico, Flo Mirtain, Marco Lambertucci e Sammy Winter.

Cliché Résumé – preview at bastard store

by davidelp 29 April 2010

Blast Distribution present Cliché Résumé: 320 pages of european skateboarding, with a photo exhibit at bastard store, via Scipio Slataper 19, Milano.

The book, written by Mackenzie Eisenhour and published by Ginko Press, is the result of the wise art direction of ill-Studio in Paris.

It will open up on Friday April 16, at 6,00 PM, Jeremie DaclinFlo MirtainRicardo FonsecaJB GilletJavier MendizabalCharles Collet will be attending for the occasion, they will skate the bastard bowl, besides signing books and decks.