Daniele Galli – Skateboarding Therapy

by jep 3 May 2012

About a year ago, while skating the bastard bowl, Daniele Galli got injured.

An average person would require physical therapy for the recovery process. He would there find physical therapists, nurses and advanced machinery to do the job.
We can safely say that Daniele Galli is not your average person since what you see here was his way to recover from a nasty injury.


Marc McKee at bastard store

by davidelp 3 May 2012

Marc McKee and his artwork have been hosted at the bastard store during the days of Milan Design Week, too bad Marc packed everything up on tuesday and flew back to LA with his precious load of skateboards, sketches, drawings and stickers.

Thanks to Marc – who’s also the hand behind skateboardgraphics.com – to Blast! Distribution and to everyone who came by to behold the exhibition of a milestone in the history of skateboarding.

An interview with Marc aired on RAI5 inside the show Cool Tour on Wednesday, April 20th, here the video. [It’s italian language only, needs Microsoft Silverlight !? and starts at 00:08:38 …sorry for this]

A few copies of the book are still available at the bastard store along with the few silkscreen prints left, which were issued in a limited series of 30 pieces.
The graphic, which you can see in the photo above, is the Jesus taken from the famous Gabriel Rodriguez pro model for 101.

WARNING: The Art of Marc McKee at bastard store

by davidelp 3 May 2012

Marc McKee’s art was so controversial that they had an entire wall of Cease and Desist orders for his graphics at World…

Rodney Mullen

Blast Distribution presents WARNING: The Art of Marc McKee, italian premiere at bastard store, via Scipio Slataper 19, Milano.

Grand opening on Wednesday April 13,  at 6:00PM, presenting the book on Marc McKee – the illustrator who changed skateboard graphics forever – and some of his greatest artwork and decks.

WARNING: The Art of Marc McKee was realized by Winston Tseng, Art director at Enjoi Skateboards. 96 pages to show Marc McKee’s art, from his early works in the 80s to nowadays.

Marc has produced more than a 1000 skateboard graphics, mainly for World Industries, blind and 101. Some of which are milestones in the history of skateboarding, basically all the controversial and uncomfortable ones…

Cliché Résumé al bastard store – Video Report

by davidelp 3 May 2012

During the Résumé photo exhibit opening party, the Cliché team spent a good fun afternoon sessioning the bastard bowl.

Supposedly a Cliché demo, it soon turned into a friendly jam session with Daniel Cardone, Charles Collet, Giò Grazzani, Ricardo Fonseca, Ivan Federico, Flo Mirtain, Marco Lambertucci e Sammy Winter.

New team for Daniele Galli

by GroS 3 May 2012

Daniele Galli is now a member of the Blast! Krew, riding for Almost. Check out his welcome video filmed and edited by Andreo Lopes.

Now there are two Lazy Riders riding for Blast!; Daniele joined Marco Lambertucci who is riding for Blind skateboards, also distributed by them. Watch him go out loud in the video report of the Blast meeting at the Seregno Skateplaza.

Blast! is also the italian distributor for Warriors Skateboards that realized the collaboration with the bastard Jammin’ Warriors clothing line.

Cliché Résumé – preview at bastard store

by davidelp 3 May 2012

Blast Distribution present Cliché Résumé: 320 pages of european skateboarding, with a photo exhibit at bastard store, via Scipio Slataper 19, Milano.

The book, written by Mackenzie Eisenhour and published by Ginko Press, is the result of the wise art direction of ill-Studio in Paris.

It will open up on Friday April 16, at 6,00 PM, Jeremie DaclinFlo MirtainRicardo FonsecaJB GilletJavier MendizabalCharles Collet will be attending for the occasion, they will skate the bastard bowl, besides signing books and decks.