Filler winter edition at bastard store

by Riccardo Tognella 28 October 2015

Filler Winter Edition 2015

Filler is a convention dedicated to illustrations, graphics and art linked to the punk/hardcore/skater world. All projects embrace the DIY movement.

Created by Thunderbeard, Filler is a three days event from December 11th to December 13th. There will be over 40 exhibitors with their own area for vending. The infamous bastard bowl will only be reserved for those who book the sessions in the bowl in advance. There will be “gifts for tricks” exchanges where during the skate sessions, prizes will be granted to the gnarliest tricks.

Adrenalink >>
Alberto Becherini >>
Alessio Rotulo >>
Andrea Chronopoulos >>
Andres Jensen >>
Basik >>
Blessend >>
BRM! >>
Broken Teeth >>
Codec Zombie >>
Daniele Margara >>
Davide Pagliardini >>
Delletuefiammeavide >>
El Santo Skateboards >>
Erika Nardi >>
Federico Fabbri >>
Francesco Goat Edelvais >>
Gozer Visions >>
Greta Pins >>
Hurricane >>
Johnny Cobalto >>
La Morte ti Fa Belva >>
Luca Font >>
Luca Marcenaro >>
Luca “Yety” Battaglia >>
MadKime >>
Marco About >>
Mattia Pagliarulo >>
Michele Guidarini >>
Murder Skateboards >>
Museruola Edizioni >>
Officina Infernale >>
Paola Paganhate >>
Paolo Proserpio >>
Rashetti >>
Rugged Street Apparel >>
Rocco Lombardi >>
Spaghetto Child >>
Stay Dirty >>
The Giant’s Lab >>
Thunderbeard >>
Violet Not The Color >>
Yeah! Skateboards >>

For the three days event, we will have food and drinks of the highest quality to satisfy everyone.

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