A Skateboarder’s bastard Map of Milano

by Nicola Giordano Friday March 7th, 2014


We finally have a printed map of the spots that are worth skating in Milan! You can find it bundled with  SHARE Skateboarding Magazine issue #1 or you can pick it up directly at the bastard store if you swing by Milan for a weekend session.

We’re too lazy to give directions on how to reach spots every damn time. Hope this helps:)

Carnival Jam at bastard store

by jep Friday March 7th, 2014


SHARE skateboarding is about to celebrate its first year with the Carnival JamSaturday March 1st at 7 PM at bastard store.

For the occasion, the new videopart of resident local bowl ripper Jacopo Carozzi will be screened, and the issue n°1 of the SHARE magazine will be shared for free among partecipants. If you didn’t choose which mask to wear for the event, hurry up, as the bowl session that will follow is at least very promising…

Wall Paint Contest at bastard bowl

by jep Friday March 7th, 2014


The #bastardbowl wall has just been painted white and the bastard store is looking for a talented artist who wants to mark the wall with his artwork. Here all the info [italian language only sorry].

Bonassodromo 2.0 official release party #UTWDP

by davidelp Friday March 7th, 2014

Un Tranquillo Weekend da Paura 2013

It’s time for the 9th edition of Un tranquillo weekend da paura, the skate contest/music festival on September 14-16 at Bonassodromo in Usmate Velate (Milan). Concerts, skateboard contest, food and drinks as usual.

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Nicola Giordano’s outfit

by vecho Friday March 7th, 2014

Here we go with the new bastard outfit that will accompany Nicola Giordano during his long summer.

Every time Nicola come visit us he teach us a new word from the urban dictionary. Today’s word is Brenso.

BreNso = Breve ma Intenso ( short but intense)

Short but intense, as Nicola do stomping a perfect bs noseblunt after 10 minutes training.

Nicola Giordano BS Noseblunt - photo Giuliano Berarducci

Tony Hawk tours Europe and stops in Milan too

by jep Friday March 7th, 2014

Ride Channel has just published the video of the Gumball 3000 tour with Tony Hawk, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki and Corbin Harris, around in Europe with a stop at the bastard store to skate the bowl… and leave just after.

P.S. Jaws enjoyed the wooden transitions we built here in Milan pretty much and manifest it at 3:46!

Occhi puntati on Matteo Di Nisio

by jep Friday March 7th, 2014

Last friday we went to the Punkreas show playing in their home town, Parabiago, near Milano were they started 24 years ago. Was a pleasure to hear the song Occhi puntati played with their former drummer “Mastino”. Super respect!

Hey, in year 2000 here at bastard we used that song for web clip of one of the greatest italian street skaters ever: Matteo Di Nisio.

Video quality is just so bad… who cares, this is what we saved from old harddisks.

Kingbrown magazine

by davidelp Friday March 7th, 2014

Kingbrown is a super limited edition periodical, it’s halfway between a book, a magazine and an art zine. Each issue is handcrafted, delivered inside a silk screened brown bag which is designed and curated by some of the world’s leading innovators of photography, illustration and urban and skateboard art and design.

Inside Kingbrown you will find checkout and interviews of some of the most talented people involved in skate/art, there is nothing better to be inspired and connected to the subcultures we love most.

Top quality print, every page is a collectable item.

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What’s up with GZat?

by jep Friday March 7th, 2014

If you were wondering like me… here we have some answers: while Tony Hawk was stopping with some friends in Milan for a memorable session with us, Giorgio was going to his ramp to refresh some tricks. Switch mctwist.

He just sent in this clip and informed us that he will spend some more time in California and this coming weekend he will skate at a demo organized by Vans for the Metallica’s Orion Fest in Detroit. If you are around you know what’s the plan for the weekend!

Along came Tony Hawk.

by davidelp Friday March 7th, 2014

Tony Hawk, handplant tuck knee. Photo © Giuliano Berarducci

We like surprises… And the one we received on Friday afternoon was particularly appreciated.

“Hello? I’m Tony Hawk, we are one hour by car far from Milan… Is it possible to skate the bastard bowl today?”

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