Daniele Galli – Panic in the Streets remix #6

by jep 23 July 2014

The new videopart of the italian all-terrain ripper Daniele Galli is out now through the Chef Family channel. Check it out.

Knodel Ten Tricks

by davidelp 23 July 2014

Daniele Galli is back in Italy after a long vacation on the american streets. In this clip its first tricks at the knodel bowl since he come back in Italy.

Daniele Galli’s winter clothes

by davidelp 23 July 2014

Et voilàDaniele Galli lies on the table along with his Fall Winter 2012-13 wardrobe.

Now that we know his clothing list, we just have to learn stomping Fs Rocks as Danny does. No sweat!

Daniele Galli, the Potenza cover

by davidelp 23 July 2014

A few months ago Lorebini published a post named “Concrete Power” regarding a concrete bridge in the city of Potenza.

As soon as Daniele Galli has read the post, he drove to the south of Italy to skate this unusual spot and he rightly got the cover on 6:00AM 62 with this fs slasher photographed by Fede Romanello.

Another Friend in the Frisco Family

by jep 23 July 2014

With a short videopart filmed in the skatepark that he fixed during the last months nearby his home in Valtellina, Daniele Galli is welcome in the Frisco Shop family. Check out the store if in Brescia anytime, it’s great!

Daniele Galli – Skateboarding Therapy

by jep 23 July 2014

About a year ago, while skating the bastard bowl, Daniele Galli got injured.

An average person would require physical therapy for the recovery process. He would there find physical therapists, nurses and advanced machinery to do the job.
We can safely say that Daniele Galli is not your average person since what you see here was his way to recover from a nasty injury.


Daniele Galli on the 6:00AM cover

by davidelp 23 July 2014

A restyled 6:00AM just got freshly printed. New paper and matte cover for an uprising Daniele Galli.

Italians at the DC Embassy

by giuli 23 July 2014

As anticipated, here’s the freshly published video report of the visit Daniele Galli & co. paid to the DC Embassy of Barcellona. Enjoy!

Daniele Galli at the DC Embassy

by giuli 23 July 2014

Daniele Galli is one of the first lucky italians to be invited at the Barcelona DC Embassy, recently opened DC’s indoor private skatepark, and since it’s pouring rain in Barcelona these days, he’s been skating it non-stop. The official video and photos from the visit of the italian delegation will be published on the DC Embassy website. The photos will also be published in a feature article on the next issue of 6:00AM magazine.

Un tranquillo weekend da paura – video report

by maxb 23 July 2014

Here is the video report of TWEDP 2011 contest that took place in Usmate and at the bastard store two weeks ago. We’ve beaten the rain!

Thanks to TheHardCheese for the video!