Bastards Everywhere Competition Call with DA

by jep 8 February 2016


We are happy to announce the new Bastards Everywhere competition to get a scholarship for the Master in Visual Brand Design of Domus Academy. Read the rest of this entry »

Academy of Skateboarding – Open Day

by jep 8 February 2016

bastard Academy of Skateboarding - Open Day

Do you want to learn how to skate the bowl?

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Come to spend 1 hour with us in the bastard bowl or share with your friends. It’s FREE but space is limited… hurry up if interested.

We at the bastard store definitely took so long to start this program because we always had a sort of repulsion for schools and teachers (based on our personal experience both in skateboarding and in the wider learning field).

On the other hand we had so many requests over the years for lessons, schoolstraining and all sorts of HowTos (yes, people love them!) that the pressure was too much not to handle this matter. Also we’ve seen lately that the environment is over populated with all sorts of “skate teachers” appointed by some kind of “official organizations” pretending to tell you what is good or not and how. Even basing the teaching on some invincible method where you learn by not making mistakes.

Well… we think that’s mostly bullshit and we hope that you will soon learn to fall, rise and fall again being able one day to even build your own obstacles to overcome, enjoying the journey and not worrying about the arrival.

So we decided to do it our way and launched an Open Day in our offices on Saturday, 24 October to see how things will evolve, together.

Bastards Everywhere Competition Call with DA

by jep 8 February 2016


We are glad to announce for the second year the Bastards Everywhere competition, in collaboration with Domus Academy. The competition aims to develop new products or  capsule collections by gathering design, materials, traditions, use and costumes in a genuine bastard style from your country.

Get the best out of your country or share with your friends around the world.

bastard x Part·Art live silkscreening

by maxb 8 February 2016


Monday 13th April at 6PM, we’ll be busy with master Paolo Proserpio of Print Fast Dry Young, silkscreening live the artworks that the prisoners of Carcere di Bollate made for a special collaboration with bastard in its Jammin series.

See you at Spazioostrakon (zona Isola, Milano).

Bastards Everywhere competition with DA

by jep 8 February 2016


We are glad to announce the Bastards Everywhere competition in collaboration with Domus Academy. The competition aims to develop new products or  capsule collections by gathering design, materials, traditions, use and costumes in a bastard style from your country.

Get the best out of your country!

Skateistan – drop by drop a river is formed

by jep 8 February 2016

When you think about Afghanistan it is almost inevitable to avoid thinking about war and religious fanatism. But once you know about Oliver Percovich’s work your thought can start to change. Oliver is an australian skateboarder that has been able to see more than a piece of urban furniture in the Mekroyan Fountain (Kabul). He saw even more than some transitions ready to be ridden. He had a vision about how to use skateboarding as a tool to transform the way of life in a city destroyed by years of war and extreme religious beliefs and he founded Skateistan in 2007; a social project all about education, art, social integration and skateboarding.

Nowadays Skateistan is a reality with a pretty interesting future. Its history, current and future projects are all in Skateistan: The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan. An amazing bunch of really interesting material, interviews, reportages and a lot of nice pictures.

A designer for bastard

by jep 8 February 2016

bastard‘s next back to school project was selected, along with projects from 14 other brands in the design industry, to take part in a nice venture promoted by Camera di Commercio di Milano and Provincia in collaboration with Material ConneXion Italia, Domus Academy, IED, NABA and Politecnico di Milano.

Pick a hundred students, coordinated by prominent teachers from the best design schools in Milan, the biggest center in the world for research and consulting on materials and productive processes and 15 Milan based brands that are into developing and bringing innovative products to the market; this is the basic recipe of Un Designer per le Imprese 2012.

We have already started working on it and in the next few days we will meet, at their schools, all the students interested in working with us.

bastard back to school 2012

by jep 8 February 2016

We are happy to introduce the first bastard school line that is distributed in the best stationery shops throughout Italy and sold online in the School section of the bastard store.

Production and distribution are handled by Biembi S.p.A. of Milan.

ClaudioB itw on Art For Business Magazine

by lorebini 8 February 2016

This Month Art For Business Magazine published a double interview with the title “Contemporary Organizations: an academic and an entrepreneur confront each other”, the academic is Alberto De Toni, dean of the Udine engineering faculty, while the entrepreneur is Claudio Bernardini, co-founder at bastard.

The two are first asked to answer the same questions – and there are significant analogies in what they say – and then to ask a question to each other… and here our mate goes on with his Spaghetti Organization theory.

! The interview is available in italian language only.

Outernet – internet is outside

by jep 8 February 2016

On Thursday, September the 29th from 2PM to 7PM at the bastard store upstairs space we will host the event 03 titled outernet (internet is outside). New event format organized by cfmt that explores pioneering themes and aims to supplying managers the necessary tools to deal and cope with change, in an informal and cooperative context.

PDF downloadable here [italian language only].

P.S. We still have about ten spendable invitations so even if you are not managers associated with CFMT but you are bastard / COMVERT customers and interested in participating to the event please write an email to You will receive a confirmation email within Tuesday, 27th.