Marc McKee’s Last Supper stays in Milan

by jep 11 November 2014

Marc McKee's Last Supper, bastard bowl, Milano.

Inaugurated on the main bastard bowl wall last Friday on the occasion of the 20 years of bastard, the Last Supper (Ultima Cena) by Marc McKee can be viewed every day for all the visitors starting Thursday, November 13: at the opening of of our full space for the traditional winter Family Sale upstairs at the bastard store. Leonardo Da Vinci would be proud but we locals are truly honored!

The Last Supper is a collaborative effort between bastard, Marc McKee and Cliché Skateboards. The size of the print is 7.5 x 2.10 meters, depicting the most famous characters of Marc, those that marked a whole generation of skaters (including us) and that contributied to form a completely new approach to the contents of graphic communication in the early 90’s.

Here you can find the bastard snowboards built in Italy, the t-shirt and sweatshirt with the famous Jesus (Gabriel Rodriguez), the Cliché skateboards, the rare book WARNING: The Art of Marc McKee and 16 colors silkscreen art print on heavy paper in ultra-limited series of 40 pieces (half of which are reserved for pro skaters depicted in the graphic) coming from California this week …


bastard Fall Winter 2014-15

by jep 11 November 2014

bastard Fall 2014

We just finished uploading the bastard’s 35th collection on the online store, with which we celebrate our first 20 years in business!

And once they grow up, they will take revenge by making their own clothes.
— bastard

By making these products we had fun with Tato Chiala, Marc McKee and Cliché Skateboards, Muckefuck Skateboards, 2501, Whidaw DIY, Motoki Yoshio, students of design schools in Milan, bastard bowl riders (who regularly test our stuff) and all of our friends, who swung by the bastard store with plenty of ideas to be shared and turned into products.

Hard Headed since 1994

Disassembling the bastard Cargo pants

by davidelp 11 November 2014


We hacked the bastard Cargo pants, disassembling it into pieces, to better understand the reasons of its success and find new spots for improvement. As most of the times, it’s never one factor only and for dure the statement printed on its bag and sewed inside contributes:

This authentic bastard issued garment isn’t designed for sissies. Inspired by military life it’s tough enough to withstand some serious whoop-ass and won’t let you down when the going get tough. Just don’t expect to find us crawling around in the foxhole with you… we’re lovers not fighters.
Make love not war.


Summer Sale at bastard store

by Ambra 11 November 2014

summer sale at bastard store

Starting tomorrow July the 5th, at bastard store we run the Summer Sale with discount up to 30% on most of our products.

If you subscribed to our Newsletter, you already received a coupon code that gives you an extra 10% on EVERY product for the first week, not only on discounted products, but also on any online purchase or in the actual Milano store. If you still didn’t get the coupon it’s about time to:

Skull Pint Glass

by jep 11 November 2014

bastard Skull Pint glass

We are very proud to present one of the most expected products for the summer: the bastard Skull Pint Glass. A Nonic/English pint beer glass, sandblasted by hand in Brixlegg, Tyrol – Austria.

During a summer tour in Tyrol, we met a good glassware company. The company is located near The Cradle skate park in Brixlegg, one of the top parks in Europe, where the movement of the tricks meets the cold beer breeze. Beer after beer we thought why not produce our own bastard customized beer glass.

Proudly Brewed by Those Lazy Italians.

Skull pint glass

We chose the English pint (also called Nonic pint) among other glasses. We chose this pint because of its improved grip and as we also know that the grip is the most important value when stability decreases, just as skateboarding teaches us everyday.

• O.G. bastard skull and logo sandblasted
• cardboard gift box
• tempered glass shock and thermal resistant
• dishwasher safe
• capacity 58,5 cl
• diameter 89 mm – height 153 mm

Skull pint glass - skull logo engravedSkull pint glass - solid logo engraved

bastard Photographers series

by davidelp 11 November 2014


In the Spring bastard Jammin’ collection we collaborated with two photographers that contributed to keep the Italian skateboarding media alive in the late nineties and early 2000s.

Giuliano Berarducci doesn’t need any intro, having documented almost everything happen in bastard, just look at his website,  to find some of the most epic bastard store shots. Gabriele Lopez has photographed the skateboarding and hardcore scene during the 90’s, then he started a more artistic path documented on his personal book “Stories by Gabriele Lopez”.

The T-shirts Swing by Giuliano Berarducci, London and Grasshopper by Gabriele Lopez are available in selected stores and at the bastard store.

Photographers-serie-bastard-berarducci Photographers-serie-bastard-lopez


by davidelp 11 November 2014

Badrats by Matteo Perazzoli x bastard

One of the most striking features of Matteo Perazzoli‘s work is to play with words and their anagrams.

bastard → badrats …this t-shirt fits like a glove for skaterats like us.

The t-shirt Badrats is part of the Jammin’ collection and is available in selected stores besides the bastard store.

Good luck, here comes Neko

by jep 11 November 2014

bastard Neko t-shirt by Motoki Yoshio

Our friend and co-worker Motoki Yoshio, beside working as designer and teaching since many years, knows how to draw with a ballpoint pen. For bastard he digged deeper at the roots of lucky and dissected one of the most iconic objects of japanese culture: maneki-neko.

You can still find his super limited Neko t-shirt in some shops and of course in our own bastard store. Good luck!

2501 Flamingo x bastard

by davidelp 11 November 2014

2501 bastard Spring Summer 2014 Jammin' collaboration

2501 celebrates the bastard spring summer 2014 collection with this cool black and white lined artwork called Flamingo, available on t-shirt and sweatshirts at the bastard store.

Recently in Perth Australia painting for a convention called “PUBLIC” and organized by FormWa Gallery. He painted two enormous scale walls that are both impressive as usual… and he touched our hearts with the Fremantle mural dedicated to the loving memory of Claudio KADO Sinatti . Read the full story on graffuturism.

2501 bastard Spring Summer 2014 Jammin' collaboration 2501 bastard Spring Summer 2014 Jammin' collaboration 2501 bastard Spring Summer 2014 Jammin' collaboration 2501 bastard Spring Summer 2014 Jammin' collaboration

The new bastard collection is online

by davidelp 11 November 2014

Spring Summer 2014 bastard

Et voilà, spring has come and all the bastard spring summer 2014 products come together with swallows and sunny days. All the products are available for direct purchase on our online store.

Enjoy the collection, enjoy the spring.