Skate Legends @ bastard store

by giuli 20 November 2012

Christian Hosoi, Tony Alva, Steve Caballero and Giorgio Zattoni. It’s not the X-Games legends roaster: these are simply the riders that participated to the most unbelievable session ever at the bastard bowl.

Hosoi, who’s always been the king of style , shows us he’s still in an incredible shape. He’s almost too good to be true. He rides as if time has frozen. Pure legend.

Summer sale at bastard store

by edop 20 November 2012

It’s that time of the year again when summer *** SALES *** pop up at the bastard store in Milano.

Sales start on Saturday, July 7, with 30% OFF on most bastard products and a special price on some models of Electric, Nike, Vans, DVS and Lakai.

Chiesa Iron War

by davidelp 20 November 2012

Together with our friends Bomboclat and Vans we are organizing the “Chiesa Iron War”.

At the Palù Park of Chiesa in Valmalenco, one of the most exciting italian snowpark of the last years .

Saturday, February 18th, starts at 10 am until 5 pm. Don’t be hurry to come back home because at 10.30 pm starts the OFFLINE Bar after party, it could be a wild party…

We’ll be shredding all day on boxes, rails and whatever the Palù Park shapers will make slideable.
An old school contest, no money, no ranking, but a large prize in products to enjoy this crazy and cold winter.
Rails, pole jams and wallrides. Fifteen minutes to shred every structure and immediate prize-giving to follow.
Grill’Em All BBQ and a large quantity of the unmissable Grill’Em All t-shirt only for the strongest.

Saturday, February 18th 2012
Palù Park – Chiesa in Valmalenco

Need a bed?
Consorzio Turistisco Sondrio e Valmalenco
Tel. +39 0342 451150 –

Un tranquillo weekend da paura – video report

by maxb 20 November 2012

Here is the video report of TWEDP 2011 contest that took place in Usmate and at the bastard store two weeks ago. We’ve beaten the rain!

Thanks to TheHardCheese for the video!

Burn Skate Battle Video Premiere at the bastard store

by davidelp 20 November 2012

On Wednesday, October 20th bastard store will host a Video Premiere for the Burn Skate Battle with the Vans, DC and Duffs italian teams. The winners will fly to California.

Seats are limited. For reservations write an email to, they will reply for confirmation.

Vans Shop Riot 2010 European Finals – bastard store 4th place

by giuli 20 November 2012

Bastard store makes it to the Vans Shop Riot european finals once again. This last edition was held at the Wintherthur skatepark in Switzerland on Saturday, October 9th.

Representing bastard store Daniele Galli, Marco Lambertucci and Igor Fardin. The boys skated really good and placed fourth, which is awesome considering the very high level of the contest.
First place goes to ABS, french shop based in Annecy (really impressive!), followed by 50-50, Danny Wainwright’s legendary shop in Bristol, and third place goes to the Austrian 5boro.
Incredible best trick contest, won by Tim Zom with a backside noseblunt down the big rail.
Click here to watch one of the first videoreports available online.

bastard store wins (again) the Vans Shop Riot

by giuli 20 November 2012

For the second time in a row the bastard store takes first place at the italian Vans Shop Riot, held at the Jurassic Skatepark in Cesena for this edition.

Besides a 1000 euros cash prize Igor FardinDaniele Galli and Marco Lambertucci win tickets and accomodation for entering the european final of the Battle of the Shops.

Burn Skate Battle

by davidelp 20 November 2012

The Burn Skate Battle has started, this week with the Vans team.

Three days around Tuscany with Nicola Giordano, Simone Verona, Federico Borchi and mistery guests Marco Giordano and Fabrizio Iron P Venosa, behind the restless lens of Giuliano Bearducci.

Skateon publishes a daily report every night, in which you can see the challenges and the guys that think them up, like Gros.

Vans UK at the bastard bowl

by davidelp 20 November 2012

The four dudes above are Greg Nowick, Andy Scott, Josh Young and Jake Collins, aka the Vans team UK that ripped for two days straight the “Vans Off the wall spring classic” miniramp.

Having to kill some time before boarding their flight back to the UK out of Milan, they squeezed in a skate session at the bastard bowl delighthing us with their sweet british style.

Skate Italy with bastard on VBS TV

by GroS 20 November 2012

Some time ago the producer of VBS TV Chris Gross came visit us, as he was collecting material to make a documentary on the history of skateboarding in Europe, and for the Italian chapter has asked us, among others, for some help.

Thanks to the support of Stefano Pomogranato and Vans Italy finally we can see all 5 episodes that narrate a part of our history, a part because clearly when the whole movement started, there were not only Milan and Rome, there was Turin with the Nelzi brothers, Zampa and Pantaleoni, Genoa with the Contati brothers, there was Verona with Ugolini and Tabacchi …
In these five episodes, very well done, we’re taken on a journey through the history and evolution of skateboarding in Italy from the origins to present times; from the first ollies to the golden years of Giorgio Zattoni, all the way to the bastard bowl, going through Milano Centrale.

In the first two episodes Papik Rossi, Ale Martoriati, Alessandro Gargiulo and Mirai Pulvirenti talk about Roma… Unmissable Mirai on the psycological bump.

The third episode is about the beginnings of the professional career of Giorgio Zattoni. Story told by Giorgio himself with a little bit of melancholy.

The last two episodes deal with Milano with tales from the Giordano bros, Jep, Max Bonassi and Gros.